How to Uninstall Mackeeper ?

Mackeeper is a malware software. You are suggested to avoid it. If you have started installation then it won't be removed though you forced quit the installer, and deleted the downloaded files. When you try to shut down, the 'install in progress' cancels the process. The only solution is to uninstall it. 

You'll need to uninstall MacKeeper .

The MacKeeper instructions for uninstall tell you to drag the app to the Trash. But that won't get all pieces of it, use these manual removal steps to assure you've got it all:

1. Open MacKeeper.

2. Quit MacKeeper.

3. Open the Applications folder and drag MacKeeper to the Trash.

4. Enter your admin password.

5. A pop-up window appears asking if you want to Uninstall the rest of the components.

6. Click Uninstall MacKeeper.

7. Choose Go > Go to Folder from Finder.

8. Enter ~/Library/Application Support.

9. Find a file called NoticeEngine.plugin. Drag it to the Trash.

10.Restart your Mac (Apple > Restart).

If you are unable to follow instructions given below, then try in safe mode.

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